Sweden joins international solidarity with Vestas

Anders Svenson, a leader of the Fourth International in Sweden and one of the country’s most-read political bloggers, has published this report of a solidarity protest in Malmö. Below is our uncorrected translation.

Demonstration against redundancies at Vestas Northern European headquarters in Malmö.

The Danish wind company Vestas factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, has been occupied by around 30 workers since Monday in protest at the redundancies of 625 employees. The company is planning layoffs even though the company, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines, is a profitable enterprise. Indeed, sales have increased by 59% last quarter. This fact, combined with an immediate and urgent climate crisi, makes the decision to close completely unacceptable. Society should on the contrary support and encourage the expansion of wind power.

Over the world, in Sweden as well as in England, business want to make cuts and kick the workers, the same workers who created the wealth that gives the capitalists their ‘good life’ and who will not tolerate the crisis as an excuse to destroy human life.

We also can not accept the British police’s conduct, which has blocked the area around the factory and in that way trying to starve out the occupiers.In Sweden we have also seen similar tactics from the police who engage in labour disputes, most recently in the wild strike against the law, but previously often against union leaders. The police should simply stay out of union conflicts!

But other employees as well as sympathizers, in particular from the environmental movement, has not accepted this, and forced the police roadblocks to get food to the squatters. That can only be applauded.

The workers at Vestas want to keep their jobs and also believe that if you are serious about climate threat, renewable energy and the environment, it is unreasonable to close the factory. And in England, environmental activists responded to their arguments and joined the workers’ side.

Demonstation: Friday 24/7 at 12.00 onn
Location: Outside Vestas, Grophusgatan 6, Malmö

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