The Crisis and the Fightback: public meeting

imageTuesday 18 October, 7.30pm
Community Centre,

62 Marchmont Street, WC1
(Russell Sq & Kings Cross tubes)

Speakers: Alan Thornett, Socialist Resistance and author of Militant Years, and George Baskozos of the Synaspismos youth in Greece.

Every day, news is dominated by the deepening economic and environmental crisis. We stand on the edge of a profound crisis of the capitalist system. Faced with this, the only plan of the ruling class is for even more austerity. Labour also agrees that the debt has to be paid by making cuts.

But there is a movement across Europe resisting the attacks. In Greece, millions strike and demonstrate, refusing to pay for the crisis.
In Britain, over 20 trade-unions will strike in defence of pensions on November 30th. The rest of society should join them in a mobilisation to defend the NHS and welfare state.

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