Videos show speeches and discussions at ecosocialist seminar

Thirty-two videos are now online showing the discussions at the ‘Climate and Capitalism’ seminar on September 12th. Visit to view them. The videos give an excellent flavour of the day, which was organised by Green Left and Socialist Resistance. Ian Angus, Liam MacUaid and Derek Wall have all blogged about the event.

The videos online at the moment include the best attended sessions at the event:

  • The opening session, with speeches by Green party councllor Romaine Phoenix and Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus (both advisory editors of Socialist Resistance) and greetings from Peruvian ecosocialist veteran Hugo Blanco.
  • The workshop on ecosocialist responses to the economic crisis. In addition to the videos, Sean Thompson’s comments are online at
  • The workshop on Green jobs, with Romaine Phoenix and Theresa Delaney.
  • Closing plenary speeches by Liam MacUaid and Andy Hewett.

Notably, the videos include not only the speakers’ introductions by also the discussion from the floor. Around 100 attended the event, most of them meeting Green Left or Socialist Resistance for the first time.

The success of the event means that many attendees are already thinking about the next opportunities for co-operation.

  • One suggestion is for a joint public meeting in London (which could be also organised in other cities) to discuss the UN climate change conference, which will run in Copenhagen between December 7 and 18.
  • Joel Kovel, co-author of the Ecosocialist Manifesto and a specialist on the ecological impact of Zionism, can speak at a joint seminar on Palestine on January 16.
  • Socialist Resistance is launching a fund drive to cover the expected £1000 deficit of the climate seminar and to fund future joint work.
  • Many of the attendees at the seminar asked to be kept in touch with. SR and GL can discuss how they want to follow-up with attendees.

The next few months will provide an excellent opportunity to look at the strengths and weaknesses of September’s seminar (for example, we didn’t focus enough on the fact that climate change will create the world’s worst migration crisis).

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