Why you should be at the Europe against Austerity conference

Fred Leplat explains why you need to book your place now for the October 1 conference:

If the ruling class and the ConDem Government had hoped that the summer would bring some relief to the economic crisis, they must have be cruelly disappointed. Ongoing headlines such as “Markets panic after Wall Street meltdown” or “G7 leaders race to stem debt panic” show how close we are to a recession.

If this happens, it would further escalate the attacks on working people’s living standards and on the welfare state. The collapse in the value of shares is fuelled by the fear that the austerity programmes administered for the last two years have failed, and that there is more really bad news round the corner.

The first is that the US economy, the largest in the world, is facing weak growth, rising unemployment and a growing debt.

The second is that the Eurozone crisis continues. The recent Greek bail-out was believed to buy more time, but now Cyprus, Spain and Italy are on the brink of seeking financial support for their own economies. The outlook for the ruling class in Europe and the USA is bleak and they have no real solutions.

The attempt to make workers and the rest of society pay for 2008 crisis is resulting in immense hardship and economies teetering on the edge of a recession. We can expect more calls for calm and that “we are all in it together”.

We will be told again that there is no alternative but to support even more radical and faster “structural adjustment programmes” and austerity of even more wage cuts, pension reforms, and cuts and privatisation of public services to pay for the debt caused by the banks.

The current panic on the world markets shows that the crisis is international. And if the crisis is international so must be the response of the anti-austerity movement.

That’s why the Europe Against Austerity conference in London on 1st October, hosted by the Coalition of Resistance, is so important.

It will be the first event since the crisis of 2008 where all those who want to oppose the attacks will meet.

Some of the traditional voices of the union movement and the left in Europe, like New Labour and the TUC in Britain, argue that we should pay back the debt but over a longer period. Such an approach will lead to defeat. That’s why it is necessary to get together all those in Europe who reject that the working class should pay for the crisis, and believe that it is instead the rich – who are responsible – who should pay.

The Europe Against Austerity conference has the backing of many of Europe’s anti-cuts campaigns, trade unions and political organisations that have been on the frontline of organising in their own country against the same attacks that we face.

The conference will be an important first step in pulling together a Europe-wide mass movement of all those opposing austerity and an offering an alternative to the rule of capital. Make sure you are there.

see http://europeagainstausterity.org for further information about who is supporting the conference, the agenda and to sign up to guarantee your place for the day.

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