Summer camp attracts internationalist youth

This year’s international revolutionary summer camp in south-west France will be a perfect place to bring together 400 fresh faced, politically hungry, students and young activists. The camp will run Sunday to Saturday, from July 25 to 30, and will be hosted by the youth of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA). Each day, workshops, meetings, forums and discos are planned to be engaging, constructive, highly educational and most importantly enjoyable.

The camp is a self-organised space by the youth that gives the opportunity to activists from different countries to meet, share their experience, coordinate their future actions and have a nice time. The daily program consists of workshops, educationals, rallies, thematic spaces and parties. The discussions will cover a broad range of topics from the Crisis and Imperialism to Feminism and LGBT struggles and from Internationalism and Ecology to Art.The delegation from Britain looks set to be one the best that SR has ever organised, especially if a few friends from the Scottish Socialist Youth can join us.

The experiences of the camp have had a profound effect on those that have been in recent years. Tamir from London said: “The camp was like a mini dream world, it was a platform for the young to express themselves politically and allowed us to break the barriers of the capitalist system and question things in a highly critical way.”

Run by the youth, the camp is able to instill knowledge and confidence in a socialist structure. “The Fourth International youth camp samples a utopian society and creates a microcosm of a socialist civilization where the class war is won, gender is indifferent and equality is absolute” commented Jamie.

Tamir, a young Palestinian, spoke on Lebanon and Palestine in a large forum at the camp in Italy and was very well received – with Marxist philosopher Daniel Bensaid (who died last year) wanting lunch with him the next day. A workshop on the Anti-War movement gave one of us the chance to be a speaker for the first time. Their confidence and that of the delegation grew towards the end of the week. Some found out they knew more than they had thought and became strong speakers at the inter-delegation meetings.

Mike from Birmingham is looking forward to returning the camp. He says “The educationals were very enlightening and the simultaneous translation equipment really made it possible to have such in depth theoretical subject matter. The forums were also very successful and the morning workshops were a real chance to learn about new subjects, listen to other people’s experiences in other countries, it became a vital part of developing and furthering my own political understanding.”

Meeting the comrades from the Philippines has been particularly moving at the camp: their struggle for equality showed dedication and a strong belief in what they were fighting for. The issues they raised gave an insight into the world’s many injustices and highlighted the need for solidarity.

The social aspects of the camp show that political involvement can be exciting and fun. Mike says this was his “favourite part of all… having some drinks on the warm nights and talking with comrades from around the world, either about politics or slightly less serious topics. There were discos, and even when I chose not to dance the night away I was witness to odd bouts of raucous political singing and chanting with or without musical instruments. I will definitely be attending next year.”

Ruairidh in Glasgow felt “the atmosphere about the place was what made it a good experience for me, so many informed and enlightened young people!” With so many like-minded youth it’s easy to gain a network of international friends that can band around ideas and positively influence each other.

Jamie sums it up – “The youth camp is unmissable for any young revolutionary, brimming with enthusiasm. The oppression of mainstream society is shed and a land of true respect for others is created.”

Out of the camp there’s a real thirst to continue to build practical activities, including international solidarity, and educational events. We want to strengthen our youth networks and bring even more people to the next camp.

Interested? Then let us know! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and discuss with comrades from the NPA (France), the Left Bloc (Portugal), the Red/ Green Aliance (Denmark) and other organisations from various countries around the world. Find out more at and, to make contact with the delegation coming from Britain, email

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