A rare opportunity

That questions seems to be getting answered

That question seems to be getting answered

This position was agreed at Socialist Resistance’s conference last weekend.

An important situation has opened up on the left, both in terms of the possibility of a new broad party and the possibility of far left regroupment.

The first is the response to Ken Loach’s appeal for a new broad party. In a few weeks this has had over 8,000 positive responses to the appeal (5,000 of them asking to be kept in touch via the weekly newsletter) and 80 local branches are in the process of being formed. Many of them have already met and begun to function. We have been involved in this from the outset and are represented at its national meetings and on its steering committee. Many of our comrades are involved in setting up local branches.

This is the kind of opportunity which does not arise very often and we have to rise to the occasion. We have been campaigning around the issue of broad parties for a long time. We have produced a book and the various European experiences and we have held several seminars on the subject and we have responded to every viable opportunity in Britain which has emerged over the past ten or fifteen years. We have sought to follow such developments at the European level and have debated it within the Fourth International.

The second is equally remarkable. This is the emergence, in the course of a few months, of significant new opportunities for far left regroupment. We have developed very positive relations with the Anti Capitalist Initiative (ACI) since it emerged and we now have a very good relationship to the International Socialist Network (ISN) which has come out of the SWP and are looking for a kind of far left politics which is more democratic, inclusive and receptive to feminism. Both the ACI and the ISN are positive about working with each other as well as ourselves.

These two developments, the possibility of a broad party and far left regroupment, are separate but linked. Such developments do not happen very often and it is crucial that we maximise the opportunities to the full.

We call on comrades to do the following:

  • Join Left Unity and get involved at local level. Help to establish a local branch if it does not yet exist. Become active in the branch and make a financial contribution.
  • Link up with ACI and IS network comrades at local level and work with them as much  as possible both in Left Unity and in other areas of work.
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    A stitch in time saves nine

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