An appeal in these turbulent times

Socialist Resistance needs some of your money

£1500 solidarity appeal

Socialist Resistance operates on a tight budget. We rely on donations from people who share our ideas. 

We are the only ecosocialist political organisation in Britain with extensive international contacts. We send a group of young people to the Fourth International Youth Camp every year and we support some of our activists to meet with comrades from across the world.

We produce regular and detailed analysis of the reactionary Brexit project and of the fight against the environmental emergency.  We organise meetings to give people a chance to discuss British and international politics, ecosocialism and feminism

In the last few months we have distributed thousands of copies of our free broadsheet at demonstrations and meetings around Britain.

But we want to do more, especially in the months after the election because we know that they will be a time of sharp political discussions. Help us to make sure that the ecosocialist, internationalist message is seen by the widest possible audience.

How to make a donation:
1) By Paypal, click on this link or on the button below.
2) By bank transfer, make a one-off payment or set up a standing order to: Resistance (payee name); sort code 08-02-28; account number 70186297.
3) By cheque, made out to Resistance, and sent it to: Resistance, PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ, mark the back “solidarity appeal”, and email us at 

We want to raise £1,500 by the New Year and so far we have raised just over £500. Can you help?

If you agree with what we stand for, consider becoming a supporter. You can do that by setting up a standing order to the account above. And if you are one of our supporters who already makes a regular financial contribution, we’d like to thank you. We’d also like to ask you to consider increasing it by an amount you feel you can afford.

Donate to help us get more resources to spread our ideas.

In solidarity,

Socialist Resistance

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