Corbyn is right to be neutral on Brexit

Corbyn is saying that he will allow Labour people and the wider electorate to make up their own minds and he’ll abide by their democratic decisions. It’s an approach which is consistent with his way of doing politics. He sees himself as an advocate and a servant of his supporters rather than their guru.

26th November 2019 // 3 Comments

Corbynism from Below

Mark Perryman does a good job, drawing together a wide variety of perspectives which reflect real debates taking place in the movement today. Everyone agrees that Corbynism will not survive unless it is transformative

20th November 2019 // 0 Comments

Greens in a pickle

Labour in office will not only legislate for a second referendum but will carry through an extensive programme of measures to address the environmental emergency. So it was no surprise that Green Left issued a statement of rejection of the pact a few days later, in which they point out positive developments within Labour and on the contrary launch a completely justified broadside against the Lib Dems.

15th November 2019 // 4 Comments

Union leaders shouldn’t make excuses for racism

“A Romanian care worker and a British bus driver have more in common with each other than they do with their boss. That is the basis of the trade union movement. Len MCluskey’s job is to fight for their full rights, for decent pay and the right not to bedeported and harassed by the state because of their immigration status.”

14th November 2019 // 0 Comments

Labour off to remarkable start

Alan Davies argues that the left should get behind Corbyn’s campaign to elect a radical Red-Green Labour government.

5th November 2019 // 3 Comments

Have the election after a vote on Brexit

Boris Johnson has looked into a muddy ditch and decided that’s not where he wants to die writes Alan Thornett. Since the day he became Tory leader he has insisted that he [...]

25th October 2019 // 0 Comments

Hold the referendum before an election

The danger of a general election first is that it could be so dominated by Brexit that there would be no guarantee that Labour’s radical manifesto would cut through because Brexit would have an even higher profile.

14th October 2019 // 2 Comments

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