Trump’s debt to the Ku Klux Klan

Donald Trump’s political roots, and those of the heavily armed neo-fascist militias taking to the streets to support him, are in the slave-owning Confederacy and the failure of the post-Civil War settlement known as The Reconstruction.

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14th September 2020 // 0 Comments

Ecosocialism: the elephant in the DSA room?

, it attempts to go beyond analysis of what has been achieved, to pointing out how to build a really broad and radical movement that will go much further in the near future – with the clear aim of achieving permanent non-reformist change.

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2nd September 2020 // 1 Comment

Far-Left Fascism: The Non-Existent Disorder …

With all other avenues rapidly closing, the racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia that have characterised Trump’s political life are the only thing he has left in his toolbox that he can use to try to win re-election.

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25th July 2020 // 2 Comments

Make Black Lives Matter

The surest way of reducing police violence is to reduce the power of the police, by cutting budgets and the number of officers. But we are not abandoning our communities to violence. We don’t want to just close police departments. We want to make them obsolete.

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15th June 2020 // 2 Comments

Global protests offer hope in time of fear

In the United States Black Lives Matter has severely damaged Trump. The movement made the connection between the racism of American society and the staggeringly disproportionate death toll of Black Americans in the pandemic.

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9th June 2020 // 1 Comment

We Can’t Breathe: Rebellion against Racist Police Violence

George Floyd’s recorded pleas of “I can’t breathe” are painfully reminiscent of the police murder of Eric Garner by New York city police in 2014… The political climate that encourages this is stoked by a president who openly flirts with the most racist and reactionary forces in the country with the tacit complicity of one of the parties that rule us and the hollow dissent and ineffectuality of the other.

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3rd June 2020 // 0 Comments

Dangerous times in the USA

Whenever you think that Trump has reached the nadir of his Presidency, he always manages to continue the downward trend, writes Susan Pashkoff.

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25th April 2020 // 0 Comments

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