Condolences for Bensaïd’s loved ones

Socialist Resistance shares the shock and pain of all those who knew and loved Daniel. He touched us in many ways: he encouraged us in launched our international campaign in support of Heloisa Helena, the Brazilian socialist who ran for the presidency; he helped us to understand the environmental consequences of capitalism and to redefine ourselves as ecosocialists; at the international summer camp he inspired our young activists (not only with speeches, but also when serving dinner and discussing informally); his strategic polemic with John Holloway on globalisation was the centre of one of our first books, ‘Take the Power to Change the World’.

More recently we published Nathan Rao’s translation of ‘Les Trotskysmes’, together with numerous other essays by Daniel, in ‘Strategies of Resistance’. Despite his illness, Daniel was generous with his time: he eased our negotiation with the French publishers and helped us find other materials to improve our edition. It’s a bitter sadness that the meeting planned in early February to launch the book will be a memorial meeting. Since London is now the sixth-largest ‘French city’, we know that both French and British comrades will be present to pay tribute to Daniel and to share our fond memories.

These will be difficult days for those who loved Daniel. A loss like this, even when it can be in some way expected, is still hard to believe and impossible to accept. Our love, our solidarity and our comradeship go to you.

Socialist Resistance,
British section of the Fourth International.

Socialist Resistance’s executive committee sent this message of condolence for the death of Daniel Bensaïd to the New Anti-capitalist Party in France and to the Fourth International. 

The NPA will organise a public tribute in the Mutalité in Paris on Sunday 24th January from 2.30pm to 6pm.

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2 Comments on Condolences for Bensaïd’s loved ones

  1. very sorry. Bensaid was a hero.

  2. I never knew Daniel personally but when I was a young revolutionary marxist in the 1980s his ‘Revolutionary Strategy Today’, published in 1987 by the IIRE, as part of the ‘Notebooks for study and research’ series (#4), was really influential for me.

    My heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. His spirit will live on…through all the struggles of humanity towards liberation from oppression and exploitation, and in solidarity with our Earth and all of its beings.

    Rest in peace comrade

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