Convention of the Left – Debate ’08

Convention of the Left – Debate ’08

Planet, Peace, People

Manchester 20-24th September

What is the true cost of Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan?

An invite for academic, research papers and investigations.

We would like to invite researchers, students and campaigners to investigate and research the true costs of Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to then present their findings at a key session during the Convention of the Left which is taking place Manchester in September 2008. This idea is inspired by the economists Joseph Stigliz and Linda Bilmes book. “The Three Trillion Dollar War”. 

Stigliz & Bilmes’ book brought together for the first time the ‘facts we need to understand the financial, economic and social consequence of the Iraq conflict”.  The main focus of the book was on the USA.  The authors devote a small section in their book on the cost of the Iraq war to Britain. Stigliz and Bilmes put forward an estimated cost to the UK of the Iraq war (table 6.1) of £20.9 billion.  It this area that we believe needs further research, investigation and exposure.  What is also not been subject to any rigorous and meaningful examination is the true cost of Britain’s involvement, up to now and in the future, in Afghanistan.

We would like to encourage research and investigation in all or of any part of the financial, economic or social cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We would envisage the results of any research being produced to published on a website and to become freely available as a resource for campaigners, journalists and the general public

If you are interested or want further information, please contact us

Richard Searle – 07760 224 580 /

Linda Clair – 07985 624 968 /

For the Convention of the Left


Jacqui Burke. Greater Manchester & District CND

(0161) 273 8283 /

Please forward this message to anyone you think may be interested in participating in this project


The Convention of the Left will take place during the Labour Party conference which is being held in Manchester in late September.  The Convention of the Left is a counter conference that seeks to unite left and progressive forces in developing alternatives and co-operative working.

For more information about the Convention please visit.

The Convention of the Left will consist of four days of themed debates and discussions

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