Disability and Austerity: The Politics of Blame

7889736058_b8643cb5ae_bLondon Socialist Resistance Meeting
Wednesday 3 October, 7.30pm
ULU, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY
Joseph Healy,
disability rights campaigner,
Susan Pashkoff, socialist economist
George Barratt, councillor and campaigner to save Remploy

The austerity measures imposed by the UK government have deliberately targeted people with disabilities. These attacks affect income, support services and introduce fear and insecurity into their lives. The sole purpose of the ATOS reassessments is to force people off of disability onto job seekers allowance leading to impoverishment.

The absurdity is that the disabled are now forced to compete over non-existent jobs with abled unemployed workers. Closing many Remploy sites demonstrates that the government is not interested in employment as they force disabled people into the private sector which is not creating jobs. The government has demonstrated that it has no qualms of stooping to lies and exaggerations to justify their attack on the poor and most vulnerable members of the working class.

As if impoverishment and ‘blame the victim’ are insufficient, the government’s divide and rule games have led to hate crimes and further alienation of people with disabilities.

Disabled rights groups and advocacy groups are fighting these attacks and they are in the front-line of the fightback against austerity measures. We need to stand in solidarity and fight alongside people with disabilities as they

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