Election Campaigning in Birmingham, London and Manchester – Everyone Out!

This is a big weekend for election campaigning in London! Respect’s campaign is going well but there are only two weekends left – this weekend the 19th and 20th and the weekend of 26th and 27th. It is crucial that we put everything possible into the campaign both at the weekends and during the week to maximise Respect’s vote.

This weekend

Every Socialist Resistance supporter should get involved in the campaign this weekend ­ either through local stalls and leafleting or by going out on the campaign bus.

On Saturday the bus will be in Tower Hamlets and Newham and will leave the Club Row office at 12,00 midday. Comrades should be there at that time to go on it.

On Sunday the bus will leave Club Row earlier at 11.00 and will go to a rally in Trafalgar Sq and then go campaigning from there. Be at Club Row by 11.00.


For Birmingham information, call:

or email: birminghamrespect@hotmail.com

salmacampaign@yahoo.co.uk or call us on: 07812172885


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