Covid-19 changes everything: an ecosocialist response

9th June 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
online meeting
Covid-19 changes everything: an ecosocialist response @ online meeting
Covid-19 changes everything – an ecosocialist response

Tuesday 9 June, 7pm

online meeting with

Alan Thornett, author of “Facing the Apocalypse – arguments for ecosocialism”, and
Pritam Singh, Visiting Scholar, Wolfson College, Oxford University, member of the Green Party, and long-time ecosocialist campaigner.

The starting point for ecosocialist is to see today’s threat from deadly pathogens, such as C-19, as an integral part of the overall ecological crisis itself, not just as occurring at the same time or in parallel. (Ecology being both the relationship between living organisms and between such organisms and the biosphere of the planet).

The threat from such pandemics is greater today than at any time in human history. The current model of human society, with its brutally destructive relationship with nature, facilitates such pathogens both in their transition from other species and then in spreading more rapidly amongst the human population. They are on a par, in this regard, with the other major existential threats to life on the planet such as pollution, climate change, the mass extinction of species, and fresh water depletion.