From resistance to system change: ACR day school

30th January 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Anti-Capitalist Resistance
From resistance to system change: ACR day school

From resistance to system change: prospects for 2021

A day conference for anti-capitalists
1pm – 5pm.


1pm – 2.30pm: The world crisis and the revolutionary left


  • Gilbert Achcar,
  • Ana Cristina Carvalhaes (Insurgencia/PSOL, Brazil)
  • Phil Hearse (ACR)

We are facing the interrelated crises of economic instability, the pandemic and the environmental crisis. There is resistance and hope with Black Lives Matter in the US, popular movements in Latin America or the women’s strike in Poland. With Trump defeated, the advance of the far right has stalled. Today the struggle for democracy and climate justice and against savage capitalism are key to rebuilding a fightback. How do we rebuild an internationalist radical left presence in these movements?


3pm – 4.30pm: Britain after Corbyn – what next for socialists?


  • Michael Chessum (AEIP),
  • Seema Syeda,
  • Simon Hardy (ACR)

As Starmer is rebuilding Labour as a party of the “deep centre”, a left political alternative inside and outside the party is needed. With Brexit, the English nationalist UK government is stepping up the hostile environment against migrants and refugees, and ripping up social and labour rights. But it is a weak government which has lost trust with its chaotic response to the pandemic, and the “United” Kingdom is unravelling as support for independence grows. How can we build resistance and develop critical revolutionary Marxism?

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