Fighting the gig economy

Deliveroo riders in Brighton stepped up their campaign for decent working conditions after taking strike action earlier in the year.

They held a mass bike ride around the city, blocking traffic and touring the local restaurants who do most business with Deliveroo. They demanded support from the restaurants, in their campaign to cause as much embarrassment to Deliveroo as possible..

The riders are members of the IWGB Couriers and Logistics branch and their demands are simple –

  • £5 per drop
  • A living wage
  • No victimisation

The workers are regarded as “self-employed” by Deliveroo. They get paid according to how many “drops” (deliveries) they carry out.  This generally works out at a wage of £3 or £4 per hour. There is no sick pay, no pension.

The riders got great support on the city streets and have also picked up backing from the local trades council.  No -one seems unduly bothered that the IWGB is not affiliated to the TUC!

More action is promised in the campaign.

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