Hugo Blanco tells Greens: End capitalism before it ends us

Hugo Blanco, a longstanding leader of Peruvian peasant struggles and fighter for indigenous rights is currently touring Britain as a guest of Socialist Resistance and Green Left.

On 11th September he spoke at the successful Green Left / Socialist Resistance fringe meeting at Green Party conference. Blanco started with criticising biblical Marxism, adhering to Marxist works as if they were holy scripture. Hugo talks about his long personal struggle for social justice and against oppression. In a comment he stressed also at a meeting at the Venezuelan consulate in London, he explained that we need to put an end to capitalism before it puts an end to us.

The video is online at:

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3 Comments on Hugo Blanco tells Greens: End capitalism before it ends us

  1. Excellent video. Can’t wait to meet Hugo in Manchester on the 23rd October at the SR-Green Left One Day Climate & Capitalism Conference.

    He has been an inspiration to us all for decades and is one of my all time greatest heroes since the late 70s when I first read some of his speeches. A true giant amongst us!

  2. Any chance of tour dates and places ?

  3. Rob you can see new dates after they are confirmed at:

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