International camp for young environmentalists, feminists and socialists

Camp1All across Europe people have started planning for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in December in Paris. After the failure of the COP19 in Warsaw, environmental NGOs have turned away from lobbying and are taking to the streets. In Britain, the Campaign against Climate Change has launched the Time to Act campaign and in Belgium the initiative “Climate Express” has set a goal of taking 10,000 people to Paris to show the politicians and their friends in the carbon energy business that we want action to stop climate change.

There is a unique opportunity for young activists from Britain to meet with other environmentalists, feminists and socialists from all over Europe and beyond to share experiences, insights and begin joint planning.

In Belgium from 26 July to 1 August 2015 in Kasterlee (Kempen) the 32nd International Youth Summer camp will bring together several hundred young people from Europe and beyond who want to change the world. There will be meetings, workshops and self-organised spaces discussing ecosocialism, climate change, feminism, antiracism, antifascism, LGBT struggles, internationalism and the struggles of young people against austerity. You can download the  Camp flyer.

Camp frontSocialist Resistance (SR) will be bringing a delegation from Britain. The camp is organised by young people in the Fourth International, a socialist network which SR supports, and which brings together environmentalists, feminists and socialists in about eighty countries.

You will need a tent and a sleeping bag. The cost for the week, including registration, food and transport is estimated to be £200.

Much of the site is accessible but if you have access needs please contact us to discuss them.

If you are interested contact us

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