International Socialist Youth Camp – Denmark – July 22-28

Do you want to find out more about socialism, feminism and environmentalism?

That’s what the Fourth International’s annual youth camp in Denmark is all about.

In a week with hundreds of young students, workers and campaigners from across Europe and beyond, you’ll have the chance to: • join meetings, workshops, self-organised spaces • discuss socialism, feminism, anti-racism, LGBTI struggles, climate change, internationalism and the fight against austerity • make friends, have fun, • meet leaders of campaigns that rarely make it into the mass media • talk culture and communication • socialise, share experiences, debate ideas and plan joint actions

This is a unique opportunity for young activists from Britain to meet with other environmentalists, feminists and socialists. The groups which went to our last couple of gatherings had Labour Party members, RISE and SSP members from Scotland, activists from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), Plan C and the Woodcraft Folk.

Socialist Resistance (SR) will be bringing a delegation from Britain, with groups travelling together from Scotland and from London planned

The camp is organised by young people in the Fourth International, a socialist network which SR supports, and which brings together environmentalists, feminists and socialists in over fifty countries. On this occasion, the camp is actually being organised by the Socialist Youth Front (SUF), a radical youth group in Denmark with a close relationship with the Red-Green Alliance in Denmark. FI supporters in Denmark are active in SUF.


You will need a tent and a sleeping bag. Costs aren’t set yet but likely to be £100 plus travel – with a possibility of subsidy. The site will be accessible but if you have particular needs please contact us to discuss them. If you are already in an organisation, ask it to contact us to discuss sending people.If you want copies of this card to publicise the camp to others, or further information email us.

This is the programme we will be following:


Official Welcome and opening of the camp
• Welcome Rally – representative of the Red-Green Alliance
• Presentation of the camp, political and practical – Danes
• Presentation of Womens and LGBTIQ* space – Italians
• Presentation of BAME Space – French
• From 1968 to 2018 – experiences of internationalism and revolutionary struggle – French


Educational: Ecosocialism and the energy sector – Daniel Tanuro

Women’s space – Introduction (BEL + B)

LGBTQIA+ space – Introduction (IT + CH) – Open space

-The impossibility of green capitalism (NPA)
-Reappropriation of land (IT COM)
-Blocades of infrastructure: Ende Gelende, Hambacher forest (D / DK)
-Planed ageing and tools against it (practical workshop) – examples of dumpster diving, upcycling, fixing things (DK)
-Cycling: climate friendly and accessible cities (DK)
-Climate, class, race and catastrophes (DK)
-The technological limits against the eco-climatic collapse (EE)
-Animal-liberation and anti-speciesism: potentialities and limitations (EE)
-Food sovereignty, collective ownership and farming collectives (IT COM)
-Ecofeminism (DK)

Space for BAME people – Introduction (FR NPA + ENS)

Social – ‘get-to-know-each-other’ (DK)


Educational: Revolutionary Perspectives of Feminist Struggle – Julia Cámara

Permanent Commissions:
-Organizing Students
-Organizing Workers
-Migrant Solidarity

Women’s space – Sister solidarity (EE)

-Women during 1968 from an international perspective (FR)
-Sex work (IT COM)
-Women’s place in unions and political organizations (FR)
-Social reproduction theory (IT COM)
-Self-determination and reappropriation of bodies (including: abortion rights) (POL/DK)
-Building the feminist strike, with a focus on the strike as a feminist tool and on reproductive and care work (EE)
-Origin and models of intersectional feminism: historical view (IT)
-Migrating women’s journey and what makes their situation specific (BEL)
-Cyber sexism (DK)

LGBTQIA* space – Transformation of relations (BEL) – Open

Rally before women’s party

Women’s party


Educational – The Rise of the Far Right – Michael Löwy

Joint space between LGBTIQ*, women and BAME people (FR NPA + ENS) – The intersectionality of the feminist movement today

-Discussion about The Black Panthers (FR NPA)
-The fight of street vendors (EE)
-Fascist organizations and militia (EE)
-Anti-racist mutual aid; economic experiences in the acquisition of rights (IT)
-What is colonialism-imperialism today? Decolonial perspectives (IT COM)
-Colonization of Greenland, the consequences for Greenland from Denmark’s colonialism and racism towards people from Greenland in Denmark (DK)
-Situation in Brazil and political repression (BR)
-Politicizing the solidarity with migrants (BEL)
-Fortress Europe (DK)
-Popular history of rap (FR)



Educational: “Revolutionary perspectives in sexual politics” – Mauro Muscio

LGBTQIA+ space (committee present a plan for the space and the party)

Permanent Commissions
-Organizing Students
-Organizing Workers
-Migrant Solidarity

-LGBTQIAP*phobia in school (FR ENS)
-Bisexual erasure (EE)
-Homonationalism, femonationalism, and islamophobia (CH)
-Relation between mutual aid/self management and the right to healthcare (IT COM)
-Gender and language. Gendered languages and how to queer it (BEL)
-Representation of LGBTQIA* people in the media (BEL)
-Sexuality and women’s pleasure (FR NPA)
-Marxism in the LGBTQIA* Movement – Focus on Pride (DK)
-Points on trans + intersex life (DK+NPA)
-Queer theory and practice (IT COM)

Women’s space – “Couples, Romantic Love and Monogamy” (DK)


LGBTQIA+ party


Permanent Commission
-Organizing Students
-Organizing Workers
-Migrant Solidarity

Educational: Precarity and organizing the youth, with perspectives from outside Europe and in Denmark – Nina Trige

Women’s space: The fight against Violence against Women (IT)

-Deliveroo strike in France (FR NPA)
-Labour conflicts in precarious sectors (EE)
-Apprenticeships in late capitalism: role model Switzerland? School-work alternation and unpaid labour (IT SA + CH)
-Organizing in universities: Which is the best form today? What is the aim? Experiences from Tolouse bringing in changes in student unionism after Loi Travail (FR NPA)
-Organizing foreign workers in established unions, introduction with a positive example from the metro construction in Copenhagen (DK)
#MeToo in the unions: Have our unions become feminist? – Discrimination of LGBTIQ* people and women in the workplace (DK)
-Feminist demands in general agreements, reproductive and care work being negotiated (DK)
-Women in construction – representation of women in the building industry and the consequences with cities made for men (DK+IT)
-Theory of social dumping as a capitalist tool, with an international perspective (DK)
-Revolutionary perspectives in underground culture (FR-NPA)
-New alternative forms of unionism (IT)

LGBTQIA* space (DK) – Closed space. Internal discrimination / How do we get a unified and inclusive movement?

Movie screening of “Sozialabbau das isch de hass” (CH)


Educational: Self-organization and autonomy: New strategies for revolutionary struggles in the face of neoliberal crisis and the rise of authoritarian states – Penelope Duggan

Space for BAME people – (FR ENS + NPA)

LGBTIQ* Space – Balance Sheet (IT)

-The general strike (FR NPA)
-How to organize revolutionaries today (DE)
-The experience in Rojava from a comrade who has personal experience with the struggle there (DE/DK)
-Broad parties and how we can be a revolutionary activists within them (FR ENS)
-Marxism and populism (EE)
-Conflictual mutualism as strategic horizon in order to create self-organization (IT COM)
-How to organize in the fight against EU’s capitalist structures (DK)
-The 8th march preparation in Spanish state, with practical and organizational experience (EE)
-Conspiracy theories in times of crisis (GB)
-Mass surveillance and digital challenges (FR ENS)
-State repression (FR NPA)

Women’s Space – Balance Sheet (FR NPA)

Closing Rally – see you next year!

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  1. Hi, I live i Norway (originally From SouthAfrica) and have been a long time supporter of the USFI – and have had contact withe their supporters in Sweden, the Socialist Party and in Denmank (SUF). I will be in Sweden during the month of July and may wish to attend this Summer Camp. My details: @

    Contact email:
    twitter: @gooylselim

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