International Youth Camp

2-9 August 2013 – Greece


Another world is possible, be part of it!

Each year, the Fourth International  hosts an international youth camp with over 500 militants from revolutionary and anti-capitalist organisations across Europe and further afield,

This year the camp will be held in Greece, the centre of the resistance against austerity, from Friday 2 August for one week until Friday 9 August. The camp offers more than a place to relax. It has an extensive political programme with plenary discussions, fora, workshops, as well as social events, including sporting activities. It is a place for exchanging ideas with activists from all over Europe and beyond. It is also a small self-organised society: participants are active in organising all aspects of life in the camp. From camp security, to stalls and bar, meetings and socials.  Everyone is able to have a voice and contribute according to their skills, experience and interests.

The political programme of the camp will include themes such as organising against austerity, women’s liberation, eco-socialism, working in the labour movement, solidarity with Palestine and the uprisings in the Middle East. In addition there will be autonomous spaces for feminist and LGBT struggles.

Socialist Resistance is a member of the Fourth International and will again participate in the camp by sending a delegation and  delivering workshops on the themes mentioned above as well as on building a broad party of the left in Britain.

If the Fourth International Youth Camp feels like the place you want to go to meet young anti-capitalist militants from across Europe, then get in touch with us or check out our website regularly for details. Costs and travel arrangements will be featuring there.

For more details or to register, contact Socialist Resistance 020 7346 8889 – email:



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