23 JULY TO 29 JULY 2022,

La Bordé, 03430 Vieure, France (about 320 kms directly south of Paris.)

  • Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of activists who mobilised for COP 26 in Glasgow last year? Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement? Eager to defend migrant and refugee rights? Furious about the way workers and young people suffer the cost of living crisis while profits soar?

To fight to fix a world torn apart by war, greed and climate catastrophe, it’s essential to understand why these things happen, and how you can organise to change them. That’s what the Fourth International’s annual youth camp is all about.

During a week in the sun with hundreds of young students, workers, and campaigners from across Europe and beyond you’ll have the chance to:

  • join meetings, workshops and self-organised spaces to discuss ecosocialism, feminism, anti-racism, LGBTI struggles, internationalism and fighting austerity
  • meet leaders of campaigns that are on the cutting edge of radical youth activism
  • socialise, share experiences, debate ideas and plan joint actions

This is a unique opportunity for young activists from Britain to meet with other environmentalists, feminists and socialists.

The International Youth Summer Camp in July is hosted by comrades of the Fourth International in France. Socialist Resistance is the FI organisation in Britain. We will be working with comrades in and Anti*Capitalist Resistance to send a delegation to the camp.

If what we talk about here chimes at all with your politics you’ll love the camp.

Already in a different organisation? Ask it to contact us about sending people.

You will need your passport, and tent and sleeping bag

The camp costs roughly £130 for the week, including food – plus travel to France. We are trying to organize transport collectively from both Scotland and from London – and maybe other places if there is enough interest. And the sooner we book the cheaper – so get in touch now if you are interested and we will tell you more

We know that many people may need financial support towards the costs so we are working on raising money to help – that hasn’t been a barrier on previous occasions and we hope it wont this time either.

Get ready to change the world and contact us by email: or via facebook

If you want copies of our post card to publicise the camp to others email us at:

Find out more about the Fourth International at

Help fund the FI youth camp – £5,000 financial appeal 

The Fourth International’s annual youth camp for young environmentalists, feminists and socialists who want to discuss changing the world will be held in France at the end of July.

There is already a lot of interest in joining our delegation both from people who have been to the camp before and from new activists.

And if you can help us get the word out further on protests and other events you are going to email us at to ask us to send you cards.

Some of the young people wanting to go, however, will need financial assistance. Young people are one of the groups worst hit by the cost of living crisis so many will need our support. We have therefore launched a £5,000 financial appeal in order to give them the assistance they need.

Can you help?

Please give generously.

You can pay;

by making a bank transfer to Socialist Outlook  080228 70935370 and send an email to saying you have made a donation for the camp

·by Paypal to : ( please state that this is for the Youth Camp appeal)

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