Jeremy has put socialist politics at the heart of the Labour Party


Rodger McKenzie

Rodger McKenzie

Socialist Resistance has asked supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to tell us what they think are the most important things he has achieved in the last year and what their hopes are for the year ahead.

Our first contributor in this series is Roger McKenzie, Assistant General Secretary of  public services union, UNISON who has been on the campaign trail with Corbyn across Britain.

What do you think is the most significant thing Jeremy Corbyn has achieved as leader of the Labour Party?

Jeremy has helped to re-galvanise the left by putting socialist politics right at the heart of the Labour Party – something that has been missing for many generations. We are now able to genuinely consider what is necessary to bring about a fundamental change in society in favour of working class people.
As a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, is there anything you would change about the way he does things in his second year as leader?
During his 1st year he has had to fight off as vicious attack from the media and an attempted coup from within his own Party. This has made it incredibly difficult to do the things that any party leader would reasonably expect to be concentrating on. Not withstanding that the attacks from within the Party are likely to continue, as are the incessant media attacks, he needs to focus on taking the fight to the Tories in Parliament and towards building a movement for social change outside of the Palace of Westminster.
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