Ken Loach on media bias against Jeremy Corbyn

Blimey! They're getting the point.
Ken Loach spoke as part of a debate on the media in London on September 15 at a meeting organised by  Media Reform. Listen to Ken and you will hear detail of Corbyn’s policies on the NHS, on the Environment and on the arts that you will never hear or read in the mainstream press. As he points out, debate on policy would normally be at the centre of election coverage – but not of course in this case. He argues strongly for the democratisation of public service media.
Loach also explores how the media has twisted the purge of Corbyn supporters by the right wing to focus on the case of Michael Foster. He points out that recent information about the underfunding of the NHS back up the case that the junior doctors have been making throughout their dispute, but that this is not drawn out by the media, let alone used to give the doctors a chance to point this out.

He suggests that the dirty tricks that have been used against Corbyn so far are as nothing compared with what is likely to come as a Labour Party under Corbyn moves closer to a general election.

You can watch the whole of the excellent discussion here


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