Ken Loach on the legacy of the miners’ strike, with Nigel Lawson

In this BBC interview, film director Ken Loach replies to Nigel Lawson on the lies about the miners’ strike. Lawson was energy secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer under Thatcher, and haves some fascinating insight into the role of the right-wing trade unions leaders in warning the Conservatives against Arthur Scargill’s leadership of the miners’ strike.

Loach points out what’s missing from current accounts of the miners strike: how the police violence, scab labour, the planned natire of the Tory offensive on the miners, and the collusion between the union leaders and Labour party.The discussion centres on Blairite Michael Crick’s retrospective.

Loach’s interview is strongly recommended as a discussion about the wider significance of the 84-85 strike in pushing forward individualism and undermining social solidarity. Loach is scathing in his treatment of Lawson.

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  1. Loach really demolishes Lawson. Isn’t it incredible to hear of the collusion between conservative union tops and the Conservative government of the time,from the mouth of a Tory minister!

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