Escape the Jubilee seminar Amsterdam June 1-5 – Marxism for the 21st Century

Just twelve years into the 21st century Marxism is facing unprecedented challenges. We have the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s with massive attacks on welfare and living standards. The world is reshaping out of all recognition and the ecological crisis is spinning out of control. The traditional workers parties are moving further to the right, women are at the sharp end of the crisis while the far right tries to whip up racism and Islamaphobia.

A spectacular revolt in the Arab world with the fall of dictatorships has put revolution on the streets and the rise of the occupy movement against the obscenities of capitalism inspires us to redouble our efforts. To meet these diverse challenges we need a Marxism of the 21st century which draws on the lessons of the past whilst embracing the challenges of the future.

For these reasons Socialist Resistance is organising this educational event. This seminar is open to members and supporters of Socialist Resistance.


Imperialism and Globalisation
Imperialism today
The restructuring of the global economy
The crisis of the Eurozone and European Union

The Arab Spring and permanent revolution
Arab spring in the context of permanent revolution
Arab nationalism, Islamism and national liberation

An ecosocialist strategy
Women and ecology
Food sovereignty and land grabs

Marxism and the new resistance

This is a residential school and we are organising collective transport by rail. For further information contact, phone 02073468889 or write to PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ.
If you book by April 2 we can guarantee being able to offer you a low price – after that costs may go up

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