Mehmet Aksoy: an inspiration to new generations

We send our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to the family and  friends of Mehmet Aksoy, killed on Tuesday 26 September in an attack by ISIS on the camp near Raqqa where he was working as a press officer for the YPG.

We first met Mehmet in the campaign to defend Kobani in 2014 and then Stop the War on Kurds – Break the Silence, waged as the Turkish state stepped up its hostilities towards the Kurdish movement in Turkey and towards the experiment of democratic confederalism in northern Syria. We have heard that he was passionate about the Kurdish cause from an early age, and was loved and respected by all for his tireless and creative work over many years.

At an event we held on eco-socialism, he spoke abour democratic confederalism, and the desire to combine an ecological approach with the setting up of communes as a means of liberation, self-defence and a way to meet the economic challenges in the face of war and blockade in Rojava.

Last year he spoke at a May Day rally organised by Chelmsford Trades Council, where he made a fantastic impact on the audience, many of whom were hearing for the first time about the Kurdish movement and the events in Rojava.

He was a comrade to many, an ecosocialist and feminist and an inspiration to many young people.

His death is a great loss to the Kurdish community here and in Syria and Turkey, and to all who strive for freedom, social justice, and to save the planet. We truly hope that the outpouring of grief in recent days will help to comfort his family and friends and will inspire many to continue his work for the people of Rojava and for the fate of humanity.

{Socialist Resistance, 1 October 2017}

People can send messages of condolences to  and to Akif Wan, KNK (Kurdistan National Congress)  UK representative: and please cc Estella Schmid (Peace in Kurdistan) <>



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