No Oscars for Scumbag Millionaires

‘SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRES’ was a bullseye of a headline in The Sun. It touched a wave of raw anger at the bankers’ greedy short-term bonus culture which has, in large measure, caused the global economic meltdown. Almost everyday brings more news of the bankers’ outrageous fortune, turning simple envy of their riches into a force of critique and opposition. Or it would if there was any kind of basis for a left-populist response of the type represented by ‘Scumbag Millionaires’ style hedlines in Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper.

Never mind, Philosophy Football have turned the headline into a superb shirt, complete with a list of the guilty bankers. Slumdog Millionaire deservedly took the Oscars for the kind of feel-good cinema provides to see us through a recession. While our design provides the angry principles to root out the causes. ONLY £14.99 Just the thing to brighten up the day as the economy crashes around our ears, available from

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1 Comment on No Oscars for Scumbag Millionaires

  1. angryunemployed // 27th March 2009 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    i hope these scumbag millionaires die slowly of cancer for the pain and suffering they have caused to millions of people…they really are scumbags.

    angrey unemployed worker.

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