No2EU – Yes to Democracy declares slate of candidates for June 4th vote

No2EU – Yes to Democracy, Britain’s newest political party, today declared its full slate of candidates for the Euro elections on June 4th. No2EU – Yes to Democracy is running in every region of the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland, and will be the only national challenge from the left to the traditional political elite.

The party is opposed to the Lisbon Treaty and the attack on democracy from the EU but is also pro workers rights and public services and firmly opposed to the racist poison of the BNP.

Amongst the candidates on the No2EU-Yes to Democracy slate are Bob Crow, general secretary of RMT, leading human rights lawyer John Hendy QC, former Coventry MP Dave Nellist, Dyal Singh Bagri, President of the Indian Workers Association, Solidarity’s Tommy Sheridan and convenors from the Lindsey Oil Refinery and yesterdays Olympics site protest. They are joined by experienced trade union and community activists from every contested region.

“No2EU-Yes to Democracy is a grassroots movement which reaches into workplaces and local communities across the UK. That is reflected in the slate of candidates which we have announced today,” Bob Crow, No2EU Convenor, said.

“We now expect the media to respect our organisation and to give us the access to coverage that we expect and deserve as a national political party. The turn out on June 4th is a crucial issue for the future of politics in this country and it does nobody any favours to stifle debate on the whole undemocratic nature of the EU and its institutions.

“You can barely get a fag paper between the Euro policies of the main political parties so it’s little wonder the majority of people are disengaged. We want a proper debate, from the left, which challenges the hate agenda of the BNP and the narrow-mindedness of UKIP and which flies the banner of workers rights and public ownership. We stand opposed to the EU gravy train and the bankers and bosses Europe,” Bob Crow said.

NO2EU-Yes to Democracy candidate list

London – Eight candidates

  1. Bob Crow – RMT general secretary
  2. John Hendy QC – Leading human rights lawyer
  3. Professor Mary Davis – Lecturer in trade union studies
  4. Kevin Nolan – Visteon convener, Enfield site
  5. Syed Islam – Social worker and Bangladeshi community activist
  6. Onay Kasab – Greenwich UNISON branch secretary
  7. John Rowe – Health worker and former election agent for Peter Shore MP
  8. Nick Wrack – socialist barrister

West Midlands – Six candidates

  1. David John Nellist – Socialist Party Councillor and Coventry MP from 1983 to 1992
  2. Dyal Singh Bagri – President, Indian Workers Association (pc)
  3. Malcolm Gribbin – Retired teacher, school governor
  4. Jo Stevenson – Youth CND treasurer
  5. Peter MacLaren – Alliance for Green Socialism
  6. Andy Chaffer – Birmingham trades council

East Midlands – Five candidates

  1. John McEwan – Lindsey Oil Refinery worker
  2. Avtar Sadiq – Unity for Peace and Socialism party
  3. Jean Thorpe – UNISON NEC member
  4. Shangara Singh Gahonia – Unity for Peace and Socialism party
  5. Laurence Platt – UNITE branch secretary (pc)

Wales – Four candidates

  1. Rob Griffiths – Communist Party of Britain general secretary
  2. Rob Williams – Unite convener of the Linemar plant in Swansea
  3. Laura Picand – UNISON Wales staff member
  4. Trevor Jones – Deeside trades council secretary

North West – Eight candidates

  1. Roger Bannister – Unison NEC member
  2. Les Skarrot – FBU executive committee
  3. Craig Johnston – RMT executive
  4. Alec MacFadden – President of Merseyside trades council
  5. Steve Radford – Liberal Party councillor
  6. Lynn Worthington – Community and healthcare campaigner
  7. John Metcalfe – Former deputy Labour leader of Carlisle council
  8. Harry Smith – One of the 47 surcharged Liverpool Labour councillors

Scotland – Six candidates

  1. John Foster – Scottish Campaign Against Euro Federalism secretary
  2. Tommy Sheridan – Solidarity Co-Convenor
  3. Leah Ganley – Student at Dundee University
  4. Stuart Hyslop – Retired seafarer RMT
  5. Ajit Singh Uppal – Indian Workers Association (pc)
  6. Tom Morrison – Secretary Clydebank TUC

Yorkshire & Humberside – Six candidates

  1. Keith Gibson – Lindsey oil refinery worker
  2. Celia Foote – Alliance for Green Socialism
  3. Councillor Jackie Grunsell – Save Huddersfield NHS councillor
  4. Peter March – RMT regional secretary
  5. Mike Davies – Alliance for Green Socialism secretary
  6. Juliet Marie Boddington – Alliance for Green Socialism activist

South East – Ten candidates

  1. Professor Dave Hill – Former East Sussex Labour Group leader
  2. Garry Hassell – RMT executive committee
  3. Kevin Hayes – Ford worker
  4. Owen Morris –Construction worker and supporter of Lindsey and Olympic site protests
  5. Gawain Little – Teacher and CND National Council member
  6. Robert Wilkinson – NUT Wokingham and District Secretary
  7. Jacqui Berry – Medway trades council president
  8. Nick Wright – Graphic designer and teacher
  9. Nick Chaffey – Youth worker
  10. Sarah Wrack – Student Sussex University

Eastern – Seven candidates

  1. Brian Denny – Journalist and democracy campaigner
  2. Frank Jepson – Visteon factory convener, Basildon
  3. Steve Glennon – shop steward at GSK in Ware, Hertfordshire
  4. Phil Katz – Author and designer
  5. Eleanor Donne – UNISON steward (pc), local government worker
  6. Pete Relph – Environmental campaigner
  7. Ron Rodwell – Former CWU activist RMT staff rep

North East – Three candidates

  1. Martin Levy – Newcastle trades council president
  2. Hannah Walter – UNISON shop steward (pc)
  3. Peter Pinkney – RMT activist

South West – Six candidates

  1. Alex Gordon – RMT executive committee
  2. Roger Davey – Health worker
  3. Rachel Lynch – NUT activist (pc)
  4. Nick Quirk – RMT executive committee
  5. John Chambers – Retired T&G union official
  6. Paul Dyer – Barnstaple trades council secretary
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  1. well, they`ll certainly get my postal vote in the West Midlands!I like the broad spectrum of credible and respected candidates. Good luck to them!

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