On June 17th we are supporting SYRIZA for the election of a left government

We are preparing for the next day of a harsh class conflict in Greece and in Europe

The elections of May 6th generated a real political earthquake in Greece, foundering the parties of the Memorandum and destabilizing the bourgeois political system, which was targeting at forming a “memorandum government”, taking advantage of the bonus of 50 parliamentary seats in order to carry on with the destructive work of the previous governments. At the same time, the election results sent a strong message to Europe that the “Greek guinea pig” reacts by threatening to shake the air of austerity plans of the entire European ruling classes. Since then, and now in front of the feasibility of the formation of a left government after the elections of the 17th of June, the terror of bourgeois “headquarters” is evident and manifested daily through the launch of rabid attacks against SYRIZA.

New Democracy, as the authentic representative of the capital’s interests, having flown for a few months the anti-memorandum guise by participating in Papademos’ government, have reinserted it on May 7th, promising to “renegotiate” the memorandum that New Democracy voted for and Samaras vowed in Merkel that he will implement it! Even in front of the “risk of SYRIZA,” Samaras does not hesitate to call to a war invitation all the right-wing, neoliberal, fascist-friendly and extreme “elements of the Right”, unearthing the vilest anti-communist rhetoric. Those who put their signatures to the extermination of the people to safeguard the profits of bankers, unable to offer any kind of positive vision for the society, they dig up as the ultimate weapon the risk of exiting from the Euro to chain the society itself. They deliberately identify the memorandum with the Euro, cultivating fear of a possible exit of Greece from an already seriously battered Eurozone, investing openly in fear and political speculation.

PASOK is following, which competes with ND (New Democracy) in the scaremongering, terrorist dilemmas and slanderous attacks against SYRIZA. Without a trace of regret, those who destroyed social rights of decades within two years, shake their finger at SYRIZA with the accusation of being irresponsible. Having been divorced from the working class and poor popular strata, they condemn anything popular-friendly as populist, putting in the prescription of austerity a little bit of development. They surpass all limits of insolence when they destroy the public health, leaving millions of people to their fate and blaming SYRIZA because it is against this policy and struggles to overthrow it. The camp of terror is filled by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, which, by stepping on the human dust created by the impoverishment of large segments of the population and the ideological legitimacy offerred by New Democracy and PASOK, is now a real threat for the working class and the Left. Their emergence as a legitimate parliamentary power should not create any illusion for any decline or deficit of their “extreme” features, as that parliamentary power is cloak for the launching of a wild terrorism against immigrants, the labor movement and the Left.

Against the nightmare of the long-term memoranda, the prospect of a Left government has enormous potential among workers, unemployed people, employees and youth who have experienced at first hand the consequences of their wild class attack. It was the experience of two years struggles against the troika and the realisation by broad sections of the people “from below” that it is necessary to block the memoranda government machine that made this prospect possible. The fissure that opened on the 6th of May should lead to the total subversion in the elections of the 17th of June, and this is the only thing that can ensure a massive vote in favor of SYRIZA and the formation of a government of the Left.

Such a government, however, has to confront the system the very next day in order to implement its program, since the forces of capital, both domestic and international, will react with acid. The conquest of the governmental power by the Left is only one step towards the conquest of the real power, located at banks, big business, media, the army and the police. Historical experience shows that this battle can be victorious only when it is backed by an organized labor and popular movement, as this can be a guarantee that such a government will not be overthrown, or will not fall under the suffocating pressures that is going to experience by the ruling class and its apparatuses. Only the creation of institutions of working and popular control, labor unions and committees in every workplace, popular assemblies and committees in each neighbourhood can ensure that such a government is truly “by the people and for the people. “It should be understood that the government of the Left is not a plan of award and management of the system, but a simple moment of the overall battle for power, in order to be properly prepared for it. In this direction, while thousands of activists and militants are approaching SYRIZA, it is necessary not only to join massively its organizations, but for SYRIZA itself to transform and to create a single and multi-current party so as to creatively integrate them in its ranks.

For this reason, the need for unity and coalition of the Left (SYRIZA – KKE – ANTARSYA) acquires urgent significance, since this is the only thing that can ensure the necessary rallying forces of the working people to give this battle decisively. The same applies at European level as well, since only a coordinated labor movement and a new spring of the European people can prevent the attempts of isolating Greece, which is something that Brussels will try to do.

The forthcoming battle is difficult and the challenges are enormous because of the historical scale of the crisis. Let’s step into this battle with the greatest possible optimism, by building the conditions for this to be victorious for the working forces, with the goal of building a society without poverty, unemployment, fascism and human exploitation.

9th June 2012

KOKKINO for the recomposition of the left, revolution and socialism (member organization of SYRIZA) kokkino

Kokkino is a member organisation of Syriza, and a Permanent Observer wthin the Fourth International

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1 Comment on On June 17th we are supporting SYRIZA for the election of a left government

  1. prianikoff // 18th June 2012 at 5:36 am // Reply

    The Greek election result with 99.83% of the vote counted

    Party % vote Number Seats

    New Democracy 29.66 1,824,342 129
    Syriza 26.89 1.653,994 71
    Pasok 12.28 755,249 33
    Ind. Greeks 7.51 462,175 20
    Golden Dawn 6.92 425,792 18
    Democratic Left 6.25 384,674 17
    Communist Party4.50 277,015 12
    Recreate Greece 1.59 97,973 0
    LAOS 1.58 97.021 0
    Green-Ecologists0.88 54,390 0
    Antarsya 0.33 20,296 0

    Pasok are trying to draw Syriza into a National Unity government with ND, but their overtures are being rejected.

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