Building Unity Against Fascism: Classic Marxist Writings

“Building Unity Against Fascism: Classic Marxist Writings” gathers together some of the earliest writings on Italian fascism, from the early 1920s, with Trotsky’s famous work on the rise of fascism in Germany and Spain, along with war-time writings by Daniel Guérin and Ted Grant. Writings by US Marxists Felix Morrow, James P Cannon and Farrell Dobbs discuss how radicals can deal with the rice of nacent, proto-fascist movements in the United States. A companion volume, to be published in 2011, assesses the far right and fascist movement today, and the movements being built to counter them.

Both are timely. In 2007, French fascist Le Pen won almost four million votes. In 2009 the British National Party won almost a million votes while Germany’s fascist NPD won over 750,000. In 2010, fascist-led organisations like the Engish Defence League and Italy’s Future and Freedom party emerged. To help activists understand this twenty-first century wave of fascism, this book gathers together the most important analyses from the 20th century. Based on a successful first printing by Socialist Resistance, this expanded second printing includes an introduction by IIRE co-director Marijke Colle.

In “Building unity against fascism” you can read:

  • German socialist Clara Zetkin, Bolshevik leader Karl Radek and Italian communist Antonio Gramsci on the birth on fascism in the early 1920s
  • Leon Trotsky’s article, including “Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It”, explaining why neither capitalist nor Stalinist parties were able to stop fascism in Italy, Germany and Spain in the 1930s.
  • Maurice Spector’s detailed analysis of German fascism in power
  • Daniel Guérin’s 1939 “Fascism and Big Business” and his 1945 preface to its French edition
  • Ted Grant’s booklet, “The Menace of Fascism”, which discussed British fascism, the second World War and the Jewish community in Britain
  • Analysis by Felix Morrow, James P Cannon and Farrell Dobbs of the rise and fall of fascist organisations in the USA in the 20th century.

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