Scots stand with Catalonia

Over 1,000 demonstrators from across Scotland braved heavy outbursts of rain to march through the streets of Edinburgh in solidarity with the right of self determination for the people of Catalonia on referendum day, 1st October (1-O).
The demonstration was called by the Radical Independence Campaign that was born during the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.  Demonstrators assembled at the Consulate of the Spanish State.  After speeches from Catalan and Scottish activists, the demonstrators marched to the offices of the European Commission to demand that the EU take on the issue of democracy in the Spanish state.
Slogans in support of both Catalan and Scottish independence were chanted. Protesters drew attention to the lack of media coverage; the BBC were absent and did not cover the demonstration at all in TV and radio news stories though some Scottish daily newspapers were covering the event.
The event took place before the  full horror and extent of police violence against voters in Catalonia was evident – before the worst pictures and videos  had been extensively circulated  – but opposition to the use of repression against those exercising their right to vote was a strong theme.
Supporters of Socialist Resistance in Scotland handed out leaflets with the statement of the Fourth International on Catalonia and reporting on the Scottish delegation to the Fourth International’s International Youth Camp in Italy this summer.
There are many hundreds of Scots who have travelled to Catalonia to observe the referendum and offer solidarity, including leading members of the Radical Independence Campaign, from the Scottish Socialist Party, from the socialist pro-independence group RISE, and also a delegation from the youth wing of the Scottish National Party – the governing party in the Scottish Parliament.
As these observers return there will be opportunities for solidarity meetings to be held across Scotland:
“Eyewitness from Catalonia”
A report back from a RISE delegation that have been in Catalonia.
Wednesday, October 4th 2017   7 p.m.
Piper on the Square
George Square
G1 1HL
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