Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn – Fight the witch-hunt

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Socialist Resistance stands in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and is totally opposed to his suspension from the Labour Party. This is a politically motivated move by Keir Starmer to crush the left in the party. Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life campaigning against racism, including antisemitism, and in defence of the rights of the oppressed and for justice for the Palestinians. 

We reject the accusations that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was institutionally antisemitic. The EHRC report does not find this to be the case. We also know from the report produced by Jenny Formby, the former General Secretary, that many staff were sabotaging these efforts. The recommendations of the Chakrabarti inquiry were never implemented.

Socialist Resistance believes that all socialists in the Labour Party should fight this outrageous attack on Jeremy Corbyn. It is an attack on all of us. Starmer wants to make the Labour Party a safe option again for big business. We should vigorously oppose this witch-hunt and the threats being made to other left MPs and activists.  We must also defend the radical policy gains made while Corbyn was leader. With the Covid pandemic, a deepening economic crisis, and a looming climate catastrophe, a socialist alternative – for the many not the few – is urgently needed. 

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9 Comments on Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn – Fight the witch-hunt

  1. I absolutely agree. The manner in which Jeremy Corbyn has been smeared, vilified and scapegoated is an outrage. I can’t see myself voting Labour again.

  2. Linda Murphy // 29th October 2020 at 6:50 pm // Reply

    I want to support truth and justice and that is obviously Jeremy Corbyn’ s stance. Starter has finished the Labour Party and all its stood for since its inception. Heartbreaking.

  3. Elizabeth Racki // 29th October 2020 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    The Labour Party is over. I can’t believe what they have done. Trashing the only person in politics with any integrity.

  4. Valérie Coultas // 29th October 2020 at 8:26 pm // Reply

    Please get everyone in the labour movement to support the Jeremy Corbyn statement. We need an I am Corbyn/ I am Spartacus Moment!!!

  5. I stand in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and condemn the ongoing witch hunt by the media and others!

  6. The party has always been ‘labor’ in name and capitalist in practice.

  7. I couldn’t believe this when I read it. The only politician south of the Scottish border who actually goes out to meet people and listen to them gets purged.

  8. Graham fletcher // 30th October 2020 at 2:41 pm // Reply

    Starmer and co are terrified of socialism , because if you pursue socialism it’s hard work . You have to take all the brick bats from the establishment,billionaire press . Mich easier to shadow box the Torys, mock opposition (the Torys know you don’t mean it ). Just pick up the £85.000 plus expenses and lucrative consultancy with the PWC , hedge funds. . Article in the financial times reported Starmer sent his business minister in to the city to meet the Hedge Fund managers to reassure them there will be no return to Corbynomics . I.e. No natiolation of Railways or utilities. . The hedge fund said they were relived to witness a sea change in Labour. Starmer is following Blair in 1997 when he won the election, because the establishment & rich & powerful. Decided the conservative policies were safer in Labour’s hand than the the disunited &demoralised Conservative party . Nandy is Thatcher on steroids . She told me that Corbyn wants to destroy the Labour Party. Strange way to destroy a party by increasing its membership to 5000,000 . I think he wanted to destroy her version of the Labour Party . Sorry for the rant but I am angry. Graham Fletcher 52 years union rep and activist.

  9. Peter Bloomer // 30th October 2020 at 5:57 pm // Reply

    Public rallies in support of Corbyn are being organised, all the left should get behind these grassroots initiatives.
    Corbyn should join Labour Against the Witch hunt! Guess who was national secretary of LAW in the late eighties? . . . It was JC.

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