Solidarity with the revolution in Sudan

Pic: @iAlaaSalah/Twitter

The popular revolution in Sudan is an inspiration and gives hope for the fight for democracy and for social and economic justice in the Arab world. It has already scored one huge success by bringing down the long-standing dictator Omar al-Bashir. The people of Sudan are determined and united in the Sudanese Professionals Association to continue their fight for democracy and justice. They have learnt from the movement in Egypt of 2010 not to place any faith in the army and the Transitional Military Council.

But we also have to protest at British governments, both Labour and Tory, which have supported al-Bashir and continue to support other dictatorships in the region such as in Saudi Arabia. Britain and other imperialist countries want the revolution to go no further than a change of personnel at the top to ensure that the regime stays the same. They have always preferred a brutal dictatorship loyal their interests than an independent and democratic country.

Our responsibility as socialists in Britain and other imperialist countries such as France and the US is to be in solidarity with their struggle and support their demands. We have to denounce the Britain’s colonial rule in Sudan which lasted for over half a century until the independence of the country in 1956. 

Here we carry the contribution of Gilbert Achcar to the London Socialist Resistance on June 24, in which he lays out the underlying factors behind the revolt:

Gilbert Achar speaks on the Long Arab Spring at a meeting of Socialist Resistance on Monday 24 June in London.

Solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Professionals Association!

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