Solidarity with the Sudanese Revolution

Placard from picket on Downing Street Photo: Terry Conway

The uprising in Sudan, together with that in Algeria, has shown that the issues that lay behind the “Arab Spring” which started in Tunisia in 2010 have certainly not been resolved. The Arab world remains the area of the world with the highest level of unemployment especially amongst young people for example.

Of course, each country has its own specificity. In the clip below, Samah Bushra, a Sudanese activist based in London explains the history of resistance in Sudan, including the extraordinary role being played by women, the relationship between the Sudanese Professional Organisation and trade unions and what socialists in Britain should be doing.

Samah Bushra, speaking at a meeting organised of Socialist Resistance on 24 June 2019, describes the inspiring mass revolt of the Sudanese people against the brutal regime.?

See Gilbert Achcars contribution to the same meeting here:

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