Sudan revolution: solidarity model motion

Sudan protest outside Downing Street Photo: Terry Conway

Model motion for trade union and Labour Party meetings

This meeting notes:

a. That demonstrations beginning in December 2018 over spiralling costs of living have developed into a mass protest movement calling for peaceful democratic change which is supported by Sudan’s independent trade unions, professional associations and opposition political parties. Since the fall of Omar el Bashir on 11th April the transition to a democratic, civilian authority has been obstructed and frustrated by the military authorities comprising the Transitional Military Council.

b. That doctors, teachers, lawyers, postal workers, utility workers and journalists are among the groups of workers who have responded to the call by the Sudanese Professionals Association to take strike action and joined the protests. The extraordinary success of recent General Strikes have demonstrated the overwhelming support of the Sudanese people, and power of the Sudanese workers.

c. That the Transitional Military Council has responded with extreme brutality, using live ammunition and beatings against protesters, arresting thousands and torturing detainees, and has sought to undermine even the basic right to strike by forcing civilians to work at gunpoint during the recent General Strike.

d. That the British government is complicit in the violence in Sudan through its cooperation with the Saudi campaign in Yemen (where Sudanese militias are deployed) and through funding Sudanese militias indirectly through EU border policy (the Khartoum process/Rome Declaration 2014).

This meeting believes:
a. That our comrades in Sudan have the right to protest and organise without fear of repression.
b. That Sudanese people seeking sanctuary from the regime’s repression are welcome in the UK, as are all other refugees.

This meeting resolves:
a. To send a message in solidarity with the demands of the uprising to the Sudanese Professionals Association ( and the Sudanese Workers’ Alliance for the Restoration of Trades Unions (
b. To call on the UK government to condemn the use of violence against protesters, cease all forms of security cooperation and cut diplomatic relations with the Sudanese authorities.
c. To call on the UK government to cease arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE whose arms are being used to repress the uprising of the Sudanese people
d. To refute the legitimacy of the TMC as a sovereign authority representing Sudan and lobby across the labour movement for the same.
e. To publicise the demands of the Sudanese uprising and information about the situation there to our members, encouraging them to attend protests and solidarity actions including the weekly protests at the Sudanese embassy
f . To call on our national union/the Labour Party to send a message of solidarity to the Sudanese Professionals Association and to mobilise support for the Sudanese uprising across the trade union and labour movement.
g. To take a photograph of members in attendance at this meeting holding signs in solidarity with the Sudanese people and their trade unions

See videos of meeting on Sudan here: and here:

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