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The Fourth International brings together revolutionary Marxist organisations present in about forty countries. The writings and analyses of our member organisations are disseminated in different languages, mainly English, Spanish and French, but also Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. In these times of crisis and confinement, it is more important than ever to have a complete and coherent internet and social network presence. 

International Viewpoint and Inprecor are currently the two websites and the paper journal published by the Fourth International, in English and French respectively. We now wish to broaden the online dissemination of our writings and analyses by relaunching a Spanish-language site, Punto de Vista Internacional, which will allow us to follow and fuel debates around struggles in Latin America and the Spanish State. 

We also want to strengthen our online presence as an organization by creating a Fourth International website in three languages. This site aims to make the documents of the World Congresses and the official statements of the FI, its International Committee and Bureau easily accessible. Similarly, the site will feature articles from and list links to our member and observer organizations; and provide easy access to expanded archives of our current on the RaDAR, Red Mole Rising and sites. The site will also give visibility to the International Youth Camp, its programme, reports of its activity, etc. Articles of analysis or related to current events will also be published in three languages (English, Castilian, French).

The creation of these sites, the graphic design, the hosting, the computer equipment, all this has a cost and the Fourth International can only count on its militant forces for its financing. This is why we are launching this call for donations. 

By making a donation towards our goal of 10 000 euros you will contribute to broadening the dissemination of our writings and analyses, of an open and critical Marxism at the service of anti-capitalist, ecosocialist, feminist, anti-racist and internationalist struggles. 

Donations can be made – always with the mention “FI Internet” to:

International Viewpoint
Sort Code 20-26-20
Account number 40259691
Barclays, Didsbury, Leicestershire, LE87 2BB

Euro account:
IBAN: NL 25 INGB 0005571638 
Address: Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
Bank: ING, address: Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Sterling account:
International Viewpoint:
IBAN GB30 BARC 2026 2040 2596 91

US dollar account:
IBAN GB15 BARC 2026 2058 9085 99
Bank: Barclays, address: Didsbury, Leicestershire, LE87 2BB

Cheques can be posted to:
International Viewpoint,
PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ, Britain

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1 Comment on Support the Fourth International presence online!

  1. Good, something forward looking and positive. I have donated £250. This initiative could be a trailblazer for goal-orientated work planning on a national and international basis.

    Let’shave less of “how many angels dance on a pinhead’ speculation as the e-mail threads spiral inwards toward ever more convoluted often pointless detail. Especially dangerous are the historical debates about who said and did what to whom in the 1970’s and ’80’s which seem to generate more heat than light.
    There are valuable lessons: eg democracy is not possible without the right to form tendancies and even factions, but do not take it too far; and also do not place too much trust in charismatic individuals. Beyond that much of this stuff is all too discursive and unfocused.

    The current lock down should present an ideal opportunity to have a detailed on-line debate about the changing perspective, and what it means for an organisation of seasoned cadres lacking a significant younger developing rank and file. A rethink of working methods and tactics might help – especially important is systematic task setting on a democratic basis. The period is changing and you are perfectly well aware of the need for changes. Why not get the entire membership and affiliates talking about ways to have more impact. if you present a purposeful and systematic approach you might find recruitment easier (sorry I used the R word I know it is difficult for you because it is what sectarians focus on). Still you cannot build united fronts without forces of your own. regards.

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