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The Ukrainian transport workers at the “Kyivpastrans” bus and trolleybus workplaces of Kyiv are facing increasing pressure to break their union.   Management have engaged in violence, bullying and discriminatory measures against workers union members. 

The the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine ( VPZU)  is appealing for solidarity in its campaign against this union busting and is appealing for support in this struggle for basic union rights in Ukraine.

The VPZU has produced a letter of protest and is urging the labour movement to assist them in this prominent and vital dispute over union rights in Kyiv.



To: Kyiv City Mayor Vitaliy Klychko

Dear Mr. Klychko,

We are aware of the  severe  violations of employment rights and harassment of the workers at Kyivpastrans public enterprise. The workers created an independent trade union and requested to respect of their labor rights in accordance with the current legislation and strive to provide safety to the public transport passengers.

As the Ukrainian media has reported, the members of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) who disclosed the facts of the unsafe condition of vehicles and corruption, were suspended, deprived of their bonuses, evicted from their accommodation and even physically attacked by the officials of Kyivpastrans PE (in particular, one of the heads of Kurenivske depot beat a woman employee). Some of these facts are already recognized by the State Labour Service of Ukraine.

Such outrages are not only a formal violation of ILO conventions and requirements of the Association Agreement with the EU. It calls into question the Ukrainian authorities’ and personally your ability to ensure respect for workers’ rights at the enterprises under your management in accordance with Ukrainian law and Ukrainianes international commitments.

Therefore we call upon you as one of the Euromaidan leaders to intervene in order to demonstrate to the whole world Ukraine’s commitment to the European values of human rights and the rule of law.

In particular, we call upon you:

  1. To cancel all the decisions on the eviction of the union members immediately and give them the possibility to use official accommodation.
  2. To carry out an investigation into physical violence, suspension, forfeiture of bonuses and other types of discrimination concerning wages and employment conditions against the independent trade union members and punish the perpetrators.
  3. To start public and constructive negotiations with the independent trade union about improving the safety of public transport services and improving working  conditions of Kyivpastrans PE workers.

Faithfully yours,


Please send letters to the following address:

Kyiv City Mayor
Vitaliy Klychko

36 Khreshchatyk str.,
Kyiv, 01044,

Fax: +380 44 202-76-41




We will be grateful for the copy of your letter sent to:


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