The emergence of the post 1968 left -videos

Ian Birchall and Alan Thornett

Ian Birchall and Alan Thornett

Socialist Resistance hosted a unique public event on February 1st in London bringing together activists from the Fourth International and former members of the Socialist Workers Party to reflect on both traditions’ relationship to the events before and after the radicalisation of 1968.

Jane Shallice talked about the mix of cultural and political influences that attracted young people of her generation to revolutionary politics, in particular the movement against the Vietnam War, which she described as “not a peace movement, but a victory to the Vietnamese movement.” Click here to see the video.

David Renton  discussed how the International Socialists, the SWP’s predecessor organisation, was very much part of the radical milieu in the 1960s and quoted Tony Cliff as saying “the danger of tradition is the danger of death. Our tradition is that we change all the time.” Click here to see the video.

Penny Duggan said that it was the Fourth International’s synthesis of Marxism and feminism which attracted her to it and explains her own longstanding commitment to it. Click here to see the video. 

Ernie Tate was instrumental in creating a section of the Fourth International in Britain in the 1960s and he describes the political background to that time, particularly under the Wilson government. Click here to see the video.

Ian Birchall welcomed an opportunity for a friendly exchange of ideas between different socialist currents and offered a number of insights into the emergence of the International Socialists and the SWP. Click here to see the video.

Alan Thornett examined the very high levels of class struggle and instances of political strikes in the 1960s and 70, reflected on the organisation that Gerry Healey built and concluded with some suggestions on the future of revolutionary organisation in Britain. Click here to see the video.


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