The new war in the Middle East- Birmingham SR Forum

Speakers: Fred Leplat, Stop the War Coalition & Spocialist Resistance, Dr Sami Ahmed, Midlands Egyptian Society
Tuesday 17th May, 7.30pm
“Bennetts” Bennetts Hill,
Birmingham City Centre, B2 5RS.

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt constitute a historic turning point in the international situation. These revolutions change the rules of the game. They are the first revolutions of this 21st century resulting from the crisis of the world capitalist system.

They have exploded in the weak links of capitalist globalisation. They concern a double process, one of rejection of the dictatorships but also a social one. Millions of people can no longer stand the explosion of prices of basic food products and which gives only unemployment and misery as a prospect to millions of young people.
These are revolutions because there has been an eruption of the mass movement on the social and political scene and they open crisis of the regime. They combine democratic, social and national questions. These revolutions are sending a shock waves throughout the North of Africa and the Middle East as they are the first stage of a battle against the dictatorships. It is a confrontation between forces which seeks to ensure the continuity of the power of the dominant classes and those which aspires to democracy and the satisfaction of the basic social needs of the popular classes.
In Libya, socialists must both express their unconditional solidarity with the people of Libya in its uprising against the Gaddafi dictatorship and call for opposition to the NATO/UN military intervention. The rebels should receive immediately all the necessary humanitarian and military aid for their struggle, without strings and under their direct control. The intervention by the imperialist powers is designed to take advantage of the situation following the disaster of the Iraq occupation, and they will put their own interests above those of the Libyan people. A defeat for the Libyan revolution would be a defeat for the whole unfolding revolutions in the Middle East.

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