Very well done Wikileaks

The Wikileaks organisation should be congratulated for their latest brilliant exposés of establishment politicians. We should have more examples of this with British secret documents. What these documents show is that establishment politicians systematically lie to the general population.

The Birmingham Mail should launch a fund to reward similar individuals who produce exposés of British politicians who lie.

In particular politicians who lie about torture. Harriet Harman, when she was acting leader of the Labour Party, said in parliament that the Labour Party has ALWAYS opposed torture. This is a barefaced LIE.

Phil Shiner, the human rights lawyer, spoke at a recent Stop the War Coalition rally where he said he had discovered that there were special secret prisons in Iraq where Iraqis were brutally tortured by British security officers. This could not occur without explicit approval of leading members of the Labour Party acting as defence ministers.

The cry is that people will be damaged. Actually that’s good. If the documents were revealed that showed that Labour Ministers approved this torture and then they could be brought to trial and sentenced for their war crimes that would be excellent.

The Birmingham Mail published an edited version of this letter by Stuart Richardson on Saturday 4th December.

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