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To coincide with the launch of our new magazine, Socialist Resistance is launching this renovated website. Here we publish the statement from the new journal about our political project, which can equally well serve as a mission statement for this site.

“Supporters of Socialist Resistance disagree on all sorts of things but there are some basic ideas that we share. The first of these is a strategic view of what needs to happen on the left of British politics.

We want to help build a class struggle party that fights for the interests of working class people and that supports workers when they are involved in struggles. It also has to be a party that is opposed to imperialist wars and capitalism. The type of party we want defends asylum seekers and women’s rights. That already makes it a very different type of party from New Labour.

None of us accepts that it is possible to create a party of this sort just by persuading single individuals to join. This type of party becomes possible when there are large social movements, struggles and strikes. We got a glimpse of this potential when Respect was born as a result of the mass movement against the war.

That involved established activists and organisations and drew in people who were becoming interested in politics for the first time. Through our involvement in Respect Renewal we are working with many people who disagree with us on many things but want lay the foundation for a new party.

In coming issues we will feature other attempts to do something similar from all over the world. In this issue we look at how the LCR is trying to do it in France.


Socialist Resistance defines itself as an ecosocialist magazine. We hope it will help take forward the processes of greening the left, putting more red into green politics, rebuilding the left, and debating ideas and fighting for actions that can help produce a strategy to save the planet. It is necessary to link thelocal with the national; international and global to amplify the protests,the technical and social ideas, and to save the planet. We want to makethis a journal that people will turn to for ideas, debate and information on these subjects. That is the second basic idea that we share.

We agree with Karl Marx’s profound analysis, that human society is divided into two basic classes—those who own the means of production, and those who do the producing. It’s capitalism, and capitalism becomes more ruthless and oppressive as it becomes more globally competitive and less able to provide for social need.

In its drive to increase profit it is creating mass unemployment,poverty and violence, and fast wrecking the environment. As socialists we support the interests and struggles of working people to take control of the way society is run.

And as revolutionary socialists we recognise that history shows no ruling class gives up its power until it is overthrown by revolution. Even though the major job we have given ourselves is to make Respect Renewal a success we do have our own distinct views on a number of questions.

One current example is whether or not to support Ken Livingstone’s candidacy for London mayor. George Galloway and other Respect Renewal members support Livingstone. We don’t.

This is not a problem. It’s one of the unavoidable consequences of working with people from different political backgrounds. We also run a website, publish books, and organise monthly local meetings and larger national events.

We believe we have something distinctive to say about politics in Britain and internationally and, perhaps even more importantly, about the worldwideecological catastrophe that capitalism is creating. That’s why we have launched this magazine.”

Editorial Board

Chris Brooks, Ed Fredenburgh, Jane Kelly, Kathy Lowe, Liam Mac Uaid, Piers Mostyn, Sarah Parker, Patrick Scott, Norman Traub, Roy Wilkes

Advisory Editors Ian Angus, Canada; Penny Duggan, France; Joel Kovel, USA; Michel Löwy, France; Sean Thompson; Alan Thornett; Derek Wall.

Sean Thompson of the Green Left says: ““I think that the new structure and orientation of Socialist Resistance bodes well for possibility of developing a non sectarian ecosocialist network that will make a positive and, I believe essential, contribution to the rebuilding of our movement.

Socialist Resistance’s advisory editors come from a variety of political currents and traditions on the left, but what draws us together is a joint recognition of the scale and urgency of the crisis facing humanity and ourjoint commitment to developing a dynamic ecosocialist praxis. I hope that our joint involvement in this initiative, and our recognition that none of us hold sole copyright on the Way, the Truth and the Correct Line can help us to start to develop new ways and areas of joint work that can prefigure not just a renewed socialist politics but a renewed socialist movement.”

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