The Johnson Cummings élite death cult

They live on the planet where it is considered perfectly normal for family members to live in a castle, as Wakefield’s parents do, or to have a private wood you can stroll in, like The Cummings do. It is the world of the rich and powerful, the world of the ruling class

Gripezinha – the little flu: neofascist Bolsonaro in the face of the pandemic

While classic fascism defended massive State intervention in the economy, Bolsonaro’s neo-fascism is fully identified with neoliberalism, and aims to impose a socioeconomic policy favorable to the oligarchy, without any of the “social” pretensions of ancient fascism.

We are not all in the same boat

Dave Kellaway analyses the fall-out of the pandemic and discusses what action programme for the crisis. He argues that the movement should not get tied in to a false sense national interest.

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  • When women enter the capitalist labour market for the first time, they often enter it doing those tasks that are done at home and which are seen as women’s traditional labour; this, of course, is viewed as unskilled and hence earns low pay. Entering the labour market does not eliminate women’s primary responsibility for those tasks at home; what happens is that their exploitation in the labour market is then added to their oppression at home.

  • Education workers are facing enormous pressure to put their lives and health at risk.

  • The authors of the letter called on the Labour leadership candidates to defend our right to free speech to expose Israel’s horrendous treatment of Palestinians.

  • It has long been a problem across large swathes of the Labour left that they only focus of what’s going on in constituency parties and ignore the issue of the affiliated unions. That’s been one of the distinctive aspects of the LRC and now of Don’t Leave Organise.

  • George Kerevan plays tribute to Neil Davidson, the Scottish marxist writer and activist who died recently at the age of 62.

  • We want to strengthen our online presence as an organization by creating a Fourth International website in three languages. Read about the project and how you can help.