Winter in the Bookshop

Sylvia has not written a history: it is better than that. She recollects the activities, the feelings and the hopes of young people coming into politics. The story is delightfully irreverent and funny.

Thirteen theses on the imminent ecological catastrophe and the (revolutionary) means of averting it

Michael Löwy argues that the ecological crisis is already the most important social and political question of the 21st century.

Analysing a disastrous result

This was not only a devastating defeat for the left and progressive forces, but a huge victory for English nationalism.

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  • Parasite by Korean director Bong Joon Ho, which has done so well at the Oscars, is at its heart about class war and family.

  • As Bashar al-Assad brutally crushes the last areas in not under his control, Syrian socialist Joseph Daher gives this wide-ranging interview

  • Fighting Shy

    7th February 2020

    It was written, Hamja Ahsan says, ‘on the back of a lifetime of resentment’, and it throws a sharp unsparing light not only on the ‘Extrovert Supremacy’ but also on left practices that prop up the ghastly loud world of celebrity, extravagance and self-promotion that is the excessive unsustainable stuff of consumer capitalism.

  • Heroism of reason

    31st January 2020

    Michael Lowy reviews “Memoirs of a Critical Communist” by Livio Maitan.

  • 1917 reviewed

    31st January 2020

    You can tell 1917 is an important film as I was able to watch it in my local cinema in a village in Carmarthenshire within a few days of its release, writes Geoff Ryan.

  • While the media have focussed obsessively on this almost non-existent “Labour antisemitism”, relatively little attention has been paid to the growing number of anti-Jewish attacks, which are part of a rise in all forms of racism across the world.