Politics in Britain is entering a new phase

The successful vaccine roll out by the NHS and Starmer’s right wing gallop has given Johnson a shot in the arm.

The Fourth International held its 2021 International Committee online

After having had to cancel the 2020 meeting due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Fourth International successfully managed to organize it as an online meeting in 2021. The International Committee is the central political body of the FI, and over the last period has held its annual five

Solidarity with Mamadou #Mamadoumuststay

“Em carne e osso com Mamadou Ba” (In flesh and blood with Mamadou Ba), is the name of a solidarity campaign that in a few days mobilized hundreds of persons sending videos, texts, songs or other forms of participation in a joint virtual response to racism and the persecution of anti-racist

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  • The Catalan independence movement needs to be understood as a popular uprising for democracy and the right of self-determination within a strongly centralised state.

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  • The process of constructing Anti-Capitalist Resistance has taken a significant step forward. Ian Parker was there

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  • A tribute to Ernie Tate

    8th February 2021

    Ernest (‘Ernie’) Tate, one of the founders of the International Marxist Group and the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign in the 1960s, has died at the age of 86.

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  • “No sale, no private housing” was not enough, and that a positive alternative needed to be provided in place of private housing.

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  • Western Sahara today is Africa’s last colony, though not ruled directly by an imperialist power Morocco acts as the regional proxy in Western Sahara for the imperialist system as whole.

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  • Dear Comrades gives a flavour of what Stalinism really was and how it endures in regimes like Putin’s and Assad’s.

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